Thursday, July 07, 2005

Bob the Bounty Hunter

I heard about a local radio dj developing a segment of his morning show to help catch some of our local bad guys.
In reading the article that describes the progress of his endeavor, one particular capture was highlighted.
Chanell Howell of Selma, NC is a felon who has been wanted on federal weapons charges since last year after officers found drugs in her home.
Authorities got a break when Howell's probation officer happened to hear "Bob the Bounty Hunter"! The probation officer called the sheriff's office to notify them that Howell had a scheduled probation meeting.
When Howell showed for her probation meeting, officers surrounded the building and arrested her.
Was the sheriff's office unaware that Howell was on probation? If so, how can that be???
Also, why wasn't Howell's probation officer aware that Howell was a currently "wanted felon" BEFORE he just happened to listen to Bob the Bounty Hunter radio program????


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