Sunday, June 19, 2005

Hard to believe it is not a law already

According to the original news articles, Emily Caveness actually hit Stephen Gates as he changed a tire on the side of I-40. She proceeded to drive several miles and had no intention of stopping until flagged down by witnesses to the accident. She pulled over at this point and Rabah Samara proceeded to drive them to Raleigh where he was stopped by Raleigh police and charged with DUI.

I think that this article on "closing the loophole" is very misleading in that Emily Caveness did not stop immediately as is implied in this article but several miles down the road. This article also does not mention the fact as in other articles in Raleigh News & Observer and Durham Herald that Carl Fox, DA for Orange County made a plea bargain and she was only charged with a misdemeanor (Maximum sentence of 60 days) of "failing to report an accident". Outrageous!!!!!


Blogger JaysMom said...

read news article here

see this article for more accurate information

2:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It really broke my heart to read that the SCHP has included Jay in their campaign for seatbelts. While I am sure it was a mistake on their part maybe THIS is your time to finally get some type "Justice For Jay", just not the kind you are truly looking for. So contact a lawyer and start asking some questions.

Jay has been on my mind the past several days. I would not have been back to the site so soon and found your new blog so soon if it were not for that.

Ya'll are always in my prayers.

8:22 PM  

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